Marbella as a resort

Marbella (Marbella) – a resort located 60 km from Malaga, is considered the pearl of the Costa del Sol. This is the most luxurious and fashionable resort not only in Spain, but throughout Europe (the so-called “Spanish Riviera”), which impresses the views with the beauty of its gardens and parks.

Sandy beaches stretching for 28 km, which are surrounded by palm trees from the city side, stretch along the entire promenade. It is this beautiful city, and once a modest fishing village, that attracts the attention of many celebrities, aristocrats and influential businessmen who buy luxury villas here. And along with the sports port of Puerto Banus, is the capital of luxury life on the coast. Among the owners of the mansions are members of the royal families of Europe, the Duchess of Alba and other representatives of the aristocracy; American actors and stars of show business (Julio Iglesias, Antonio Banderas with Melanie Griffith, Sean Connery, etc.) and even the king of Saudi Arabia.